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Ancestry DNA Testing

Have you ever wondered if you are of Native American, Indo - European, East Asian or African descent?

Are you adopted and curious about your heritage?

New cutting edge technology in genetic testing is now available. Whether your goal is to assist in validating your eligibility for government entitlements such as Native American Rights or just to satisfy your curiosity, our Ancestry DNA Test is the only scientific method available for this purpose in existence.

Our Ancestry DNA Test will provide you with a simple and objective description of your ancestral origins. The test gives you an estimated percentage of ancestry from four population groups:

  • Native American (those peoples that migrated to inhabit South and North America)
  • Indo - European (Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians such as Indians)
  • East Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Pacific Islanders)
  • Africans (Sub-Saharan)

The process is simple. Call 888 362-3228 to place your order. We will mail you a collection kit with cheek swabs to collect your DNA sample. Simply return the swabs in the prepaid shipping envelope supplied and we will perform the test and issue results in about five-to-six weeks later.

Your results will include the following items:

  1. A certificate with a results table showing the ancestral proportions
  2. A graphical representation of your results
  3. Your genotypes at tested markers

Discover your heritage today, call 888-362-3228 to order your Ancestry DNA Test for only $355. You may also order online by clicking here.

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