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Military and Civilian Contractor DNA Banking/Typing - 15 Years

For Pre-Deployment

Per individual sample = $180.00

Recently the U.S. Government and Civilian Contractors have been required to have a DNA sample stored and typed before being deployed for duty. This is part of the Pre-Deployment list provided by the employer.  Collection of this sample must be performed by one of our specimen collectors that will maintain the “chain of custody”.

A painless buccal swab (cheek swab) will be taken at the appointment time.

You will receive a profile report that displays the individuals DNA Profile that is required for many Military and Civilian Contractors for pre-deployment. In addition, you will receive a Certificate of DNA Banking for any future reference. The test will take approximately 3-5 business days in lab to be completed.

We make the process very simple and convenient for you. Just provide us the testing parties' name, address, phone numbers, and appointment time. We will take it from there.

In some locations (such as Tampa, FL), same day appointment can be made. However there may need to be a 2-3 day advance notice for other locations.

Please contact DNA Testing Solutions at 1-888-362-3228 or
813-915-0000 for more information.


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