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Questions and Answers

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How Accurate is DNA Testing?

  • If you are the father, the accuracy is above 99.9%
  • If you are NOT the father, the result is 100% for exclusion

DNA testing is performed by an American Association of Blood Banks accredited laboratory. You may use these results for legal purposes in the US if you have your samples taken at one of DNA Testing Solutions, Inc.’s draw sites.

An Anonymous (In-Home Collection Kit) DNA test can also be performed from a collection in the privacy of your own home.


What is the Difference between the In-Home Collection Test and the Legal Test?
As far as accuracy, the results are exactly the same as the Legally binding test. The only reason why the "In-Home Collection Test" is not admissible in court is due to the lack of chain of custody. This means we have no way of proving you collected the people that were tested, therefore it would not stand in court. If you need a test strictly for your own personal knowledge, this is the test for you. You can have the same accuracy as a legally binding test, yet collection takes place in the privacy of your own home.

Is there an Age Limit?
There are no age restrictions for testing. Testing can be performed at delivery. By simply collecting a "cheek swab" from the child after birth.

Testing can also be performed before the child is born through Amniotic Fluid. Your Doctor can extract amniotic fluid during a specific "window" of your pregnancy. If your doctor is going to perform an Amnio test for medical reasons, then we can ask if they may collect extra sample for a paternity test.

What Samples can be used?
The most accurate and painless specimen is the Buccal Swab (cheek swab) (Results are same from any other DNA Sample) Blood is no longer needed for DNA testing since DNA is in every part of our body. Toothbrush, blood stains, chewing gum and tissue along with many more sample types. (ask one of our Case Managers for more information)

How long does it take to be completed?
Upon receiving all samples at the Lab, for a Standard Trio (AF, mother & 1 child) , approximate time is 3-5 working days. Next day results are also available at your request. Results are mailed to the clients along with an email of results at your request. Results may be given by telephone with proper Case number and identification.

Paternity Test Fee
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Flexible Payment Plan
A portion of the payment must be paid at time of Collection ($100.00 minimum)
The remaining balance may be paid in increments. Testing will not begin until balance has been paid. For the In-Home test, $100.00 down minimum must be paid prior to the kit being sent.

Forms of Payment
Payment may be made in the form of Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Personal Check. Make Payable to DNA Testing Solutions or D.T.S.

Visa/Mastercard, are also accepted for Legally binding tests and Online Orders.

For more information call Toll Free:
 1-888-DNA-FACT (1-888-362-3228)


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