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With over 3,000 collection sites nationwide it’s faster, easier and more affordable than ever to get the peace of mind you need.

Whether you require court admissible results or personal knowledge you can trust, our results are 99.9% accurate, guaranteed.


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For the fastest results visit one of our 3,000 testing locations or let our mobile unit come to you.

Legally binding

Court-Admissible Paternity Testing

For indisputable legal purposes across the United States, our AABB-accredited laboratories ensure the highest standard of accuracy and reliability. Our testing complies with all AABB guidelines, rendering the results fully admissible in court. 

With a global network of over 3,000 collection facilities, it’s easy to get professional paternity testing services wherever you are. Results in 2-3 business days.

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order a home paternity test

Experience the convenience and discretion of our at-home testing kit.

Collect samples, place in the pre-paid envelope and receive your results within 3 business days in lab. Note: Home kits are not court-admissible due to chain of custody protocols.

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Personal Knowledge
Father and 1 Child

Kit will be shipped within 1 business day

Results in 2-3 business days

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Personal Knowledge
Father and 2 Children

Kit will be shipped within 1 business day

Results in 2-3 business days

Professional DNA Testing Solutions

Accredited by NFSTC

Ensuring the highest standards in forensic testing.

Decades of Experience

Our experts bring invaluable insights to your case.

Comprehensive Services

From personal matters to criminal investigations.

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Uncover the Truth with Accredited Forensic Testing

Forensic testing plays a critical role in various aspects of legal, personal, and corporate investigations. Our accredited services are designed to provide conclusive answers when they matter most. For your confidential consultation call us at 1-888-362-3228. 

Testing Solutions For:

Strengthen your case with irrefutable DNA evidence

Challenge erroneous drug tests confidently

Enhance your investigations with accurate DNA insights

Ensure product and workplace integrity

Advanced Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Rely on our state-of-the-art technology forrapid, accurate drug testing. Available nationwide.

Hear from real people who've found clarity with us

“DNA Testing Solutions provided me with superior service and an understanding that this was something important to me. It may just be a piece of paper to some, but for me, it’s one of very few keepsake memories I have of my dad.” – Sarah Echevarria

“Very helpful with all my questions and made this a simple process.” – Jeremy Knipe

“Had the best customer service! From calling to make an appointment all the way to having a mobile unit come to collect the samples.” – Alexandra F.

“Great customer service very helpful every step of the way would recommend to anyone that needs these services.” – Ryan H.

Esteemed institutions

Our DNA testing is conducted exclusively in laboratories accredited by the
American Association of Blood Banks and the following

Our DNA testing is conducted exclusively in laboratories accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks and the following

Immigration Services

Immigration DNA Testing for Family Unification

Expert paternity and maternity testing services for those who need to establish a biological relationship to a U.S. or Canadian citizen. 

Our Tampa-based AABB Immigration Services team specializes in collaborating with U.S. and Canadian immigration officials to provide essential paternity and maternity testing services.

We operate in full compliance with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements, ensuring all DNA tests are performed by our laboratory accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

From understanding the specific requirements of different countries to handling the logistics of DNA sample collection, our expert team is here to guide you through each step.

With thousands of collection sites across the U.S. and Canada, and the ability to send DNA sample collection kits to various countries, we ensure convenience for all parties involved.

Setting Up Your Immigration DNA Test

Contact us at +1-813-915-0000 (international) or 1-888-362-3228 (toll-free in the U.S.) for a free consultation.

Provide us with a copy of the INS or USCIS letter, including the beneficiary's or petitioner's file number, and names and contact information for everyone involved in the immigration case.

We'll arrange for DNA sample collection kits to be sent to the required locations and schedule appointments at the nearest collection site for participants in the U.S. or Canada.

DNA Testing Solutions in the media

A Legacy of Trusted DNA Testing

A Legacy of
Trusted DNA Testing

Over the years, our expertise has been sought by renowned media outlets. We’ve proudly conducted DNA testing for the following: The Montel Williams Show, Judge Hatchett, Ricki Lake, Larry Elder, and Sally Jesse Rafael.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your DNA Testing Questions Answered

We provide a wide array of DNA testing services including:

If you are the father, the accuracy is above 99.9%.

If you are NOT the father, the result is 100% for exclusion.

DNA testing is performed by an American Association of Blood Banks accredited laboratory. You may use these results for legal purposes in the US if you have your samples taken at one of DNA Testing Solutions, Inc.’s collection sites.

An anonymous (in-home collection kit) paternity test can also be performed from the privacy of your own home.

As far as accuracy, the results are exactly the same as the legally binding test. The only reason the in-home collection test is not admissible in court is due to the lack of chain of custody. This means we cannot verify the identities of the individuals tested, making the results inadmissible in court.

If you need a test strictly for your own personal knowledge, the in-home kit is the test for you. You’ll have the same accuracy as a legally binding test, yet collection takes place in the privacy of your own home.

Once all samples for a standard trio (alleged father, mother, and one child) are received at the lab, results typically take approximately 2-3 business days.

Next day results are also available at your request.

Results sent by email, and can be mailed upon request. Additionally, results can be given over the phone only if you provide the correct case number and identification.

Peace of Mind is Just a Click Away

Buy a convenient at-home paternity test or book an appointment for court admissible testing.

Peace of Mind is Just a Click Away

Buy a convenient at-home paternity test or book an appointment for court admissible testing.