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Personal Items Analysis

Test bed linens or clothing


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Obtaining results for an infidelity test and other DNA analyses is straightforward and efficient

Most tests are done with a quick buccal (cheek) swab. We can also test less traditional samples, such as a toothbrush, bed sheets or chewing gum.

Typically, results are available within 3-5 days. For urgent inquiries, we provide an expedited service that delivers results by the next day.

DNA Test Results Across Different States

Our 3,000+ centers nationwide ensure easy DNA testing, even if those being tested are in different states. Discover clarity with hassle-free results, wherever you are.

Infidelity Test

Sperm Detection

Test a garment or stained material for the presence of sperm. This discreet and definitive analysis is key in cases needing concrete evidence, from personal inquiries to legal matters.

Results in 5 business days (in lab)

Marital Infidelity Test

This test is designed to investigate suspicions of infidelity by analyzing biological traces found on personal items, such as clothing or bed linens.

It checks for genetic material that doesn’t belong to the person submitting the item and compares it against a provided DNA sample (if available) to see if there’s a match. Ideal for individuals seeking answers in their personal relationships or needing evidence for divorce cases, this test provides clear, scientific proof to confirm or dispel doubts about fidelity.

Results in 7 business days (in lab)

DNA Banking

Our DNA banking service safely stores your DNA profile for 15 years, ensuring it’s available for future testing, health assessments, or ancestry exploration.

Results in 5 business days (in lab)

Hair Drug Testing

A comprehensive look at drug history through hair analysis. With multiple panels available, this test offers a detailed record of drug use over time, crucial for employment screening, legal cases, or personal health.

Results in 2-3 business days (in lab)

Need Results Tomorrow?

Our Next-Day STAT service delivers your test outcomes by the next business day with an additional fee for expedited analysis. Available for select tests only.

Paternity Tests

Legal Paternity

Get indisputable evidence of biological relationships between an alleged father, mother, child, and any additional children. This test is essential for cases involving child support, custody disputes, and inheritance claims, ensuring legal standards are met with precise and accredited results.

Results in 2 business days (in lab)

Legal Motherless Paternity

Even without the mother’s DNA, our legal motherless paternity test can conclusively determine if a man is the biological father of a child.

Particularly useful in situations where the mother is unavailable or unwilling to participate, offering clarity and legal acknowledgment of paternity with just the child’s and alleged father’s samples.

Results in 2 business days (in lab)

Family Reconstruction

This test helps piece together family connections by comparing the DNA of a child with up to four relatives. It’s ideal for situations where a direct parent isn’t available for testing. Whether you’re looking to reconnect family members or confirm biological relationships, this test provides clear answers without needing a direct paternity or maternity test.

Results in 9 business days (in lab)

Personal Knowledge with Unusual Sample

This option caters to those needing clarity on familial connections using non-standard samples like toothbrushes or blood stains. A discreet and flexible way to explore genetic relationships between a mother, child, and alleged father.

Results in 3 business days (in lab)

Motherless with Unusual Sample

In cases where the mother’s sample isn’t available, and standard testing isn’t an option, we can utilize alternative DNA sources such as toothbrushes or blood stains. Obtain crucial answers about the biological relationship between a child and an alleged father.

Results in 3 business days (in lab)

Sibling DNA Tests

Siblingship DNA Test

This test determines whether two children share one or both parents, useful for confirming full or half-sibling relationships. Including the mother’s DNA can increase accuracy, but it’s not required. An additional child can also be tested, helping to clarify the familial bonds and sibling connections within larger families.

Results in 5 business days (in lab)

Twin DNA Test

Ever wondered if twins are identical or fraternal? Our Twin DNA Test offers the answer by analyzing the genetic makeup of two brothers or sisters. If there’s another sibling in question, they can be included in the test as well, providing families with definitive insights into the twins’ relationship and their connection to other family members.

Results in 2 business days (in lab)

Grand Paternity Test

Grand paternity testing uses the DNA of a grandparent to establish a biological relationship with a grandchild. This test can be performed with just one grandparent, but including both the grandmother and grandfather, along with the child’s mother, enhances the precision of the results.

Results in 5 business days (in lab)

Prenatal Tests

Non-invasive prenatal paternity (NIPP)

A safe, accurate way to establish paternity before the baby is born, requiring just a simple blood draw from the mother and buccal (cheek) swab from the alleged father. The most advanced technology in prenatal paternity testing. Available from the 9th week of pregnancy.

Results in 3-5 business days (in lab)

Peek-a-boo Gender Reveal

Curious about your baby’s gender? Our peek-a-boo gender reveal test can unveil the mystery as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy. This safe and simple blood test provides excited parents-to-be with an early glimpse into their baby’s gender helping to prepare for the new arrival.

Results in 5 business days (in lab)

Which DNA Test is Right for You?

From Infidelity Tests to Sibling DNA Tests get the answers you need fast

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your DNA testing questions

Once we receive your samples, results will be available in approximately 3 business days. For those needing faster service, express testing is also available.

No. The most common and painless sample for dna testing is a buccal swab (cheek swab). However, various other samples like toothbrushes, blood stains, chewing gum, and tissues can also be used.

Results are mailed in discreet packaging and can also be emailed or given by phone with proper identification.

Your test results will only be available to the individuals tested or other designated representatives, such as attorneys, when written authorization is provided.

The accuracy of the at-home collection test is the same as the legally binding test. The key difference is the chain of custody; the at-home test lacks a verifiable chain of custody, which is why it’s not admissible in court. It’s ideal for personal knowledge. Learn more about at-home testing vs. court admissible testing.