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You don’t need a long, complex journey to uncover the truth.
You just need a straightforward, reliable DNA test.

You don’t need a long, complex journey to uncover the truth. You just need a straightforward, reliable DNA test.


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What is a paternity test?

A paternity test is a way to find out if a man is the biological father of a child. This test compares the DNA of the child with the DNA of the alleged father. Since a child inherits half of their DNA from each parent, the test looks for matching genetic markers between the two. If the markers match significantly, the test confirms paternity. If not, it excludes the man as the biological father. 

Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Legally Binding Paternity Tests

Our legally binding paternity test offers indisputable proof of biological relationships, essential for legal matters such as child support, custody, and inheritance claims. 

We simplify the process by coordinating with local collection facilities, ensuring a strict chain of custody and an identification process that adheres to legal standards. 

Notarized reports of the paternity test results will be mailed to the designated addresses provided by the tested parties at the time of specimen collection.

Our tests are conducted with experienced precision, providing you with court-admissable results you can trust.

Simple Steps for Legally Binding Paternity Testing

Schedule Your Test

Contact us to set up your testing appointment

Attend Appointment

Visit a local collection center for expert DNA sample collection using a cheek swab from each person being tested

Bring Documentation*

Ensure valid identification for all parties involved to meet legal standards

Receive Notarized Results

Get your legally binding, notarized paternity test results with assured confidentiality

*To ensure that you will receive legally binding results, a strict chain of custody and identification process is followed.

You will need to bring the following items to your appointment:

How Long Does A paternity Test Take To Be Completed?

Once all samples are received at our laboratory, the processing time for a standard trio DNA test (which involves the alleged father, mother, and one child) typically takes between 3 to 5 working days.

We understand that some situations require faster results, which is why we also offer a next-day results service upon request.

How will I receive my paternity test results?

Upon completion of the test, we ensure that the results are delivered to you in the most convenient way. You can choose to receive the results via mail, or we can send them directly to your email. Results can be given over the phone only when you provide the case number and identification for verification purposes.

Confidential Testing at home

Personal Knowledge Paternity Test

For those seeking answers without the need for legal documentation, our at-home personal knowledge tests are the perfect solution

Stop wondering and worrying about the unknown in your family relationships, and finally take control of your peace of mind. With our at-home personal knowledge test, discreetly and easily find the answers you seek from the privacy of your home. 

We ensure accurate and rapid results, bringing clarity right to your doorstep.

Our kit includes easy-to-follow instructions using cheek swabs to gather cells from the inside of each person’s mouth, which are then sent to a lab for analysis. Results are delivered quickly and privately. 

Simple Steps for At-Home Testing:

Order Your Kit

Securely request a test kit online

Collect Samples

Follow the easy instructions to collect DNA samples at home

Send Back

Mail the samples to our lab using the pre-paid envelope

Receive Results

Get accurate results quickly and confidentially

order a home paternity test

While the results of the at-home kit are not admissible in court, they provide 99.9% accuracy for your peace of mind.

white toddler feeding his father

Personal Knowledge
Father and 1 Child

Kit will be shipped within 1 business day

Results in 2-3 business days

two young boys smiling and hugging their father

Personal Knowledge
Father and 2 Children

Kit will be shipped within 1 business day

Results in 2-3 business days

experience the certainty and peace of mind that comes with definitive results.

Don’t wait any longer for the answers you deserve. Schedule your paternity test with us today and get the clear, reliable answers you need to move forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about paternity testing

DNA testing is extremely accurate. If you are the father, the accuracy is above 99.9%. If you are not the father, the result is 100% accurate for exclusion. The testing is conducted by an AABB-accredited laboratory and can be used for legal purposes in the US.

The accuracy of the at-home collection test is the same as the legally binding test. The key difference is the chain of custody; the at-home test lacks a verifiable chain of custody, which is why it’s not admissible in court. It’s ideal for personal knowledge.

The most common and painless sample is a buccal swab (cheek swab). However, various other samples like toothbrushes, blood stains, chewing gum, and tissues can also be used. It’s best to consult with a case manager for more options.

Once all samples are received at the lab, the standard testing time for a trio (alleged father, mother, and child) is approximately 3-5 working days. Next-day results are available upon request. Results are mailed and can also be emailed or given by phone with proper identification.

Yes, your personal information is kept strictly confidential in paternity testing. DNA Testing Solutions, Inc. adheres to stringent privacy policies and ensures that all client data and test results are handled with the utmost discretion and security. Confidentiality is a key aspect of our service.

Yes. Kits are mailed with no external markings or company name to indicate the contents, maintaining your privacy. The return address is simply labeled “DTS,” ensuring discretion in every aspect of the service.

No. The results of an at-home paternity test cannot be used in court. This is because the at-home test lacks a verifiable chain of custody, which is necessary for legal admissibility. The chain of custody ensures that the samples are collected and handled in a manner that the court accepts as valid. For legal purposes, you would need to opt for a legally binding paternity test that adheres to the required chain of custody protocols. Get a list of testing sites near you.

For a legally binding paternity test, several key requirements must be met:

Chain of Custody: A strict chain of custody must be maintained. This means the DNA samples are collected, documented, and handled in a controlled and documented manner.

Identification Verification: All parties involved in the test must provide proper identification during the sample collection process. This typically includes photo IDs for adults and possibly birth certificates or photographs for children.

Professional Sample Collection: Samples must be collected at an accredited collection facility, to ensure that the samples are handled correctly and to maintain the chain of custody.

Accredited Testing Laboratory: The DNA analysis must be conducted by a laboratory accredited by an organization such as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Notarized Results: The results of the test are provided in a notarized report to ensure their validity and legal admissibility.

These requirements ensure that the test results are legally recognized and can be used in legal contexts such as child custody, child support, inheritance claims, and other legal matters.

To collect DNA samples for an at-home paternity test, you’ll typically follow these steps:

Prepare for Collection: Make sure the individuals being tested have not eaten, drunk, smoked, or chewed gum for about an hour before the test.

Use the Swab Kit: The kit usually includes buccal (cheek) swabs for each person being tested.

Collect Cheek Cells: Rub the swab inside the cheek of each person being tested for about 30-60 seconds. This collects cells from the inner cheek.

Dry the Swabs: After collecting the samples, let the swabs air dry for a few minutes to prevent DNA degradation.

Package the Samples: Once dry, place the swabs in the provided envelopes or containers. Each person’s swabs should be in separate envelopes to prevent cross-contamination.

Label and Send: Clearly label each envelope with the necessary information (as directed by the kit instructions) and send them back to the testing laboratory using the provided pre-paid mailer.

Remember, the key to a successful at-home paternity test is to follow the instructions provided in the kit meticulously to ensure the integrity of the samples.

You have the option to expedite the test analysis with a Next Day Priority service for an additional fee, ensuring results by the next business day following receipt of samples.

A prenatal paternity test typically requires the consent of the alleged father. Testing without his consent may raise legal and ethical issues. It’s important to consult legal advice in such cases.

The paternity test fee varies based on the type of test. A flexible payment plan is available, requiring a minimum of $100 at the time of collection. The balance can be paid in increments, but testing will only begin once the full payment is received. For the in-home test, a $100 down payment is required before the kit is sent. Payments can be made via cashier’s check, money order, Visa, or Mastercard.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, call DNA Testing Solutions directly at

1-888-DNA-FACT (1-888-362-3228).