DNA Collection Sites

Find a DNA Testing Center Near You

Find a DNA
Testing Center Near You

Expansive Network of DNA Testing Centers

Expansive Network of
DNA Testing Centers

Our extensive and continually growing list of testing centers ensures that you have access to our services no matter where you are. 

For the most current information on collection sites near your location, call us at 1-888-362-3228

Alternatively, provide your name and email address in the form to the right, and we’ll send you up-to-date details for a testing center conveniently located near you.

Our testing services cover a wide range of needs, including legally binding paternity tests and DNA forensic testing.

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Over 3,000 Collection Sites

With a network spanning North America, DNA Testing Solutions, Inc. is committed to making our services accessible and convenient. We can often schedule your appointment on the same day you call, close to your home or office. 

For added flexibility, tested parties have the option to attend appointments together or separately, even if they reside in different states.

Easy Local Appointment Scheduling

If you are in the Tampa area, you can schedule an appointment directly at our headquarters location:

DNA Testing Solutions, Inc.
11972 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33612

Alternative Testing Options

If your situation does not require a legally binding paternity test, consider our at-home test kit. With this option, you can expect accurate results in less than 5 days, all delivered in completely confidential packaging.

Worldwide Recognition

Based in Tampa, Florida, DNA Testing Solutions, Inc. operates over 3000 collection sites nationwide, offering a variety of services including forensic testing, immigration services, and hair follicle drug testing. Our services, upheld by multiple state and county contracts, are recognized and accepted across the United States and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Testing Location FAQs

For your DNA testing appointment, please bring a valid photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. If the test involves a minor, their birth certificate or a legal guardian’s photo ID is also required.

The DNA sample is usually collected through a simple and painless process called a buccal swab. This involves gently rubbing a cotton-like swab inside the cheek to collect cells, which are then used for DNA analysis.

Yes, you can schedule separate collection appointments for different parties, even if they are in different states. Our widespread network of over 3000 collection sites nationwide facilitates this process.

A typical DNA testing appointment is quick and usually takes about 15-20 minutes, including the time to complete any necessary paperwork and the DNA sample collection.

We recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure timely service and convenience. However, walk-ins are also accommodated based on the availability at the testing center.